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Small warehouse tent

Warehouse tents are also called warehouse tents. For the industrial industry, they can not only be used to store goods, but also can be used as temporary factories or production workshops to help companies solve problems related to low and peak seasons.
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Product introduction:

Warehouse tents are also called warehouse tents. For the industrial industry, they can not only be used to store goods, but also can be used as temporary factories or production workshops to help companies solve problems related to low and peak seasons.

Expomax tent is a manufacturer with many years of experience in tent production and construction. All frames are made of high-quality aluminum alloy as the main profile, and the tarpaulin is double-coated PVC knife scraping cloth, which can resist wind and prevent Rain effectively protects people's safety. The company can provide customers with exclusive customized services. In addition to the span and length can be customized, the height of the tent and the color of the tarpaulin can also be customized. If you have relevant requirements, please inquire.


Product features:

1. The disassembly is simple and quick, the construction period is short, and it can be put into use quickly;

2. Fashionable appearance, strong plasticity, flexibility, convenient transportation, suitable for sports, activities, exhibitions and other fields;

3. After the frame is disassembled, the volume is small and easy to store in transportation;

4. The tarpaulin is waterproof, sun-proof, flame-retardant, foldable, easy to store;

5. There are no pillars inside the tent, and the space utilization rate is high, and there is no pressure to enter and exit large mechanical equipment;

6. There are no special requirements for terrain conditions, and generally flat ground can be easily built.

Warehouse tents
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Some parameters of the tent:

Span: 3m-60m;

Spacing: 3m or 5m;

Length: Infinitely extend in multiples of 3m/5m;

Wind resistance rating: 8-10 gale;

Main material: aluminum alloy frame, PVC tent, iron connection;

Packing material: bubble paper, woven bag.


Common sizes and main profiles of tents (applicable specifications are 3-50 meters):

Profile parameters Applicable span Applicable spacing Applicable side height
48*84*3mm 3 ~ 10 meters 3 meters 2.5 ~ 3 meters
48*100*3mm 3 ~ 10 meters 3 meters 3 ~ 4 meters
68*122*3mm 10 ~ 12 meters 5 meters 3 ~4 meters
150*108*3mm 10 ~ 18 meters 5 meters 4 meters
203*112*4mm 18 ~ 25 meters 5 meters 4 meters
259*113*5mm 26 ~ 30 meters 5 meters 4 meters
300*120*5mm 31 ~ 40 meters 5 meters 4 ~ 5 meters
The above are some common specifications and sizes, which can be customized according to customer needs. The length can be extended indefinitely in multiples of 3 or 5 meters.


Part of the profile drawing:

profile picture


Description of the tent frame structure:

1. Frame profiles are mainly made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum materials;

2. The surface of the aluminum profile is oxidized;

3. Iron fittings are hot-dip galvanized.


PVC Tarpaulin:

1. The top cloth and the surrounding cloth mainly adopt double-sided coated PVC cloth;

2. Waterproof, sunscreen, flame retardant, self-cleaning;

3. Fire rating: Class B1 (equivalent to M2 of the international standard) (non-flammable, self-extinguishing within three seconds from the fire);

4. The main specifications are: 600g/m2 , 650g/m2 , 750g/m2 , 850g/m2 , 900g/m2 etc;

5. The top cloth is usually 750g/m2 or 850g/m2, and the surrounding cloth is usually 650g/m2;

6. Heat resistance: -20℃ to 70℃, and its performance fully meets European and American standards.


The common fixing methods are as follows:

1. Expansion screw fixation, suitable for concrete floor, is a temporary solution;

2. Fixed with steel drills, suitable for all soft foundations such as grass or mud ground;

3. The load-bearing plate has a fixed load and is suitable for all special ground that cannot be destroyed;

4. Semi-permanent nine buried and fixed, suitable for concrete floors, is a long-term solution.

Customers can choose specific tent construction and fixing methods according to their actual conditions.

fixed method

Auxiliary facilities available:

Supporting facilities

1. How to customize the tent for your company?

Answer: You can directly contact customer service through the website to place an order, (customer service online time 8:00-17:00) or call (wx same number): 18861290287 Tao Manager (24 hours online) to place an order.


2. Where do your sources of goods come from?

Answer: We are a tent manufacturer. The tent products produced by our company are all independently developed and manufactured by our company.


3. What material is used to make the tent?

Answer: The conventional tents are all made of aluminum alloy main frame and excellent pvc knife scraping cloth; in case of special customization, our company will tailor it according to customer needs.


4. How to service the delivery and after-sales service of the tent?

Answer: The delivery time is determined according to the specifications of the tent customized by the customer, generally ranging from 3-25 days; in addition, for all the tents delivered by our company, if the customer has warranty and maintenance requirements, we will respond as soon as possible.


5. What are the advantages and performance of the tent?

Answer: The tent has various uses. As a temporary building, it is generally used in exhibitions, event parties, wedding events, storage and other scenes. The tent is sturdy and easy to disassemble, which can cope with the wind and snow.


Warehouse tent

Wedding Tent

Exhibition Tent

Auto Show Tent

Sports Tent

Spiked tent

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Combined tent

If you are interested in our products and services, welcome to fill in your intentions and needs, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible! ! !

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